Social WiFi
Easy Internet access for your guests valuable data for your business.

The social WiFi process

Captini transforms guest WiFi into an invaluable Social WiFi marketing tool that help venues instantly collect email addresses, Facebook Likes and better understand their customers.

Your WiFi your brand

Stand out from the crowd with beautiful looking landing pages that match the other touch points in your business. WiFi has never looked so good.

social wifi branded wifi

Increase your social reach the easy way

What’s not to Like about more Likes? Captini makes it easy for your in-venue customers to Like or Follow your social media channels as they connect to your WiFi.

Let customers connect with your business using the channels that mean the most to them.

Facebook Likes


Visualize in-depth information on your most valuable customers - see who they are, how often they visit and how much they are worth to your business.

Understand your best advocates and those who support your business the most. Let Captini help you build a deeper connection with your customers.

Social WiFi CRM and analytics

LEARN – Optimize - Grow

Captini gives you key insights into the building blocks of your business enabling you to make better informed business decisions

So whether you want to know where to open your next site, track venue occupancy or just get a handle on your best customers.

With Captini’s suite of products you’ll be able to make the right choices more often

social WiFi occupancy analytics report
analytics Report

12X faster
data collection

60% more
review collection

48% higher
customer return rate

Insight for a single venue or an entire estate

Whether you have one venue or thousands, Captini effortlessly shows real-time reporting on how your estate is performing.

Break it down by brand, region, or your most popular site and use Captini’s advanced features to track venue performance like never before.

multi venue WiFi cross over


LRN is a membership-based organisation formed by and for restaurant professionals providing regular industry events for members to network, socialize and learn.

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