Meet Punch.
Rewarding loyalty just got a whole lot easier.

Captini Punch

Introducing Punch a loyalty stamp that works on any touch screen device. It has no batteries, it is water resistant and staff training takes a matter of minutes. Tapping Punch on a customers smartphone magically validates and tracks personalised offers and coupons seamlessly sent via Captini Autopilot.

The new way to reward your customers

Punch, loyalty the way it should be. Easy and fun for the customer and extremely quick and painless for your business. The three step process takes only seconds to complete.

1. Open

The customer opens the offer email and clicks on the redeem button. The offer will pop open ready for validation.

2. Validate

A staff member simply taps the base of Captini Punch against the customers smartphone screen.

3. Reward

The screen refreshes displaying the appropriate message for used, expired or reward with applicable offer details.

Customer Loyalty Reinvented

No Apps or Downloads

Unlike other solutions Punch does not require your customers to download or install any apps to there smartphone.

No Scanning

With Punch there is nothing to scan at the point of sale making Punch quick and easy with low operational impact.

No Codes

No codes to remember or write down. Punch confirms the offer is valid and the redemption value is displayed on-screen.

No Cards

There are no physical cards to print or issue, everything is linked to the customers smartphone.


Dylan McGrath is an award-winning Irish celebrity head chef he is a regular judge on Masterchef Ireland and is focussed on building his exquisitely unique dining experiences with his restaurants Fade Street Social, Rustic Stone and Taste At Rustic.

We have used Captini across our restaurant group for the past 3 years with great success. Recently we have started using Punch, it is so simple it is genius. Captini is an industry game changer.

Reward your customers with a touch of magic

Loyalty without the pain

Punch takes the pain out of customer loyalty it is quite simply the fastest and easiest product on the market.

You're in control

Punch offers and vouchers are completely controlled by you. You decide what rewards to offer and the terms. Then simply set the expiry date, single or multi-use and where it can be redeemed.

Super fast redemption

On average it takes less than three seconds to validate an offer, making punch ideal for counter serve venues where time is of the essence

Seamlessly integrates with Captini Social WiFi

Use punch on it's own but for maximum power it seamlessly integrates with Captini Social WiFi and Captini Autopilot.

Works on any touch screen device

Designed to work on any Smartphone touchscreen display and contact can be made at any angle making Punch super simple to use.

No training required

Punch is so easy to use, staff will require little to no training on how to use it, making rollout across your venues an absolute breeze.

Start rewarding customer loyalty and get more customers, more often